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Silent Air Compressors

Air compressors, unfortunately are loud machines unless they are of the silent type. The noise level they operate at is measured with decibels and usually you can find this value in the specifications of the particular unit.

Quiet and silent air compressors

People who have already dealt with an air compressor, would know that the noise might turn into an issue, not only at the time of working with the unit, but also it can cause a long term damage to the ears. For the ones that are now on the hunt for an air compressor for the first time is important to know that the noise level is one of the things to watch for, apart from the usual power, air supply rate, tank size and portability.

Professionals are aware of the noise level an air compressor can produce and they often wear ear protection as part of their work gear, but for many home users what matters is not only to protect their own ears, but also to keep the quiet environment of the residential area. (If you don't mind a bit more noise, check out our home air compressor reviews.) In this sense, quiet air compressor is a must and here is what to look for:

A quiet air compressor is considered every unit operating between 65 dB and 80 dB. The normal human speech is measured to be around 65 dB, so units operating within the limits above will not disturb.

Some companies also offer ultra quiet air compressors, operating at 60 dB, so these are models which worth having a look at when going for a quiet air compressor. However, sometimes to get a quiet unit you need to compromise with any other feature, so you definitely have to put your priorities straight.

We offer you few tips which will help you while looking for a quiet air compressor:

  • As the noise level is related to the motor, pay attention to the RPM value (Revolutions Per Minute). The lower this rate, the quieter operation. In general, small motors produce less noise and if quietness is your main priority, than better go for a small air compressor.

  • Usually electric-powered air compressors have lower noise levels than gas-powered.

  • Pay attention to the material used to make the unit. A stable air compressor with strong build would produce less noise.

  • If you are ready to compromise on the low maintenance in favor of the noise level, then you should be having a look at oiled air compressors. Due to the use of oil as lubricant, there is less friction while the motor is running and the noise level drops. However, at the moment on the market there are oil-less models offered, which worth having a look at too.

  • If the unit is equipped with rubber feet or u place it over rubber mat, the vibrations will be less and less noise will be produced.

Here we offer you some of the best quiet Air Compressors currently on the market

Senco PC1010

Senco PC1010 for home use
Senco PC1010 for home use

California Air Tools CAT-8010

California Air Tools CAT-8010
California Air Tools CAT-8010 air compressor

DEWALT D55140 1-Gallon 135 PSI Max Trim Compressor Review

DEWALT D55140 1-Gallon 135 PSI Max Trim Compressor Review
Dewalt d55140

DEWALT DWFP55130 Heavy Duty 200 PSI Quiet Trim Compressor

DEWALT DWFP55130 Heavy Duty 200 PSI Quiet Trim Compressor
dewalt dwfp55130 trim compressor

We hope that after reading this article and had a look at the offered quiet air compressors reviews, you would have a better understanding of what to look for and find the best quiet air compressor to suit your needs. Whichever model you go for, it is advisable to wear ear protection when in operation.