Rolair JC10 Review

By Thomas Haugen / December 15, 2016
Rolair-jc10 review

In the Rolair JC10 review we will have a look at the air compressor’s technical specifications, the main features and pros and cons. The Rolair JC10 air compressor is a small portable air compressor, excellent for home and light professional work. It delivers 2.3 CFM at 90 PSI which is enough to power some short burst air tools like staplers, brad and pin nailers and small impact wrenches and grinders. It has a strong quality built as all the products made by Rolair. You will also be pleasantly surprised by the quiet operation of the Rolair JC10.


Rolair JC10 Air Compressor Tech Specs


  • Model – Rolair JC10
  • Power Source – AC electric, 8 amp
  • Motor Power – 1.0 horsepower
  • Motor Speed – 1750 RPM
  • Max Air Pressure – 125 PSI
  • Output at 90 PSI – 2.3 CFM
  • Pump type: oil-less
  • Tank Capacity – 2.5 gallons, single tank
  • Noise Rating: 60 dBA
  • Dimensions: 17-in. x 16-in.c x 15-in.
  • Weight: 39 pounds
  • 70% Duty Cycle
  • Cold start valve
  • Auto reset
  • Roll cage
  • Quick connector – 1


Main Features of Rolair JC10 Air Compressor


  1. 2.5 Gallon tank – The tank capacity of the Rolair JC10 puts it right in the middle of the range of portable air compressors. It is not an industrial air compressor, but it is powerful enough to be used finish and pin nail guns and staplers, even some small impact wrenches and grinders. The unit comprises of one coupler, which is fair enough having in mind the limited size of the tank and the fact that it will be hard to sustain two air tools at the same time.
  2. 70% Duty Cycle and fast recovery time – The 70% duty cycle means that you can use your unit for seven out of every 10 minutes before it starts building pressure again. The recovery time is only around 15 seconds. This makes the Rolair JC10 great choice for completing a range of home DIY tasks and for hobbyist woodworkers.
  3. Low maintenance – The Rolair JC10 air compressor is equipped with an oil-less direct drive pump, which does not require any lubrication or specific maintenance. In order to prolong the life of your unit all you need to do is drain the excess air from the tank after use, by turning on the drain valve located at the bottom of the tank. To keep the longer lifespan of your Rolair JC10 it is also recommendable to instal the air filter and then clean it at regular intervals.
  4. Portable air compressor – the Rolair JC10 weighs only around 39 pounds, which makes it easy enough to move around. It also has a roll cage which protects the whole unit and a center mounted handle for easy carrying. With this weight and compact size, you can easily store the Rolair JC10 under a workbench or in the van.
  5. Ultra quiet air compressor –  The Rolair JC10 proves to be very quiet. It operates at 60 dBA and the 1 HP motor rumbles at 1750 RPM. This makes it quiet enough to be the perfect choice for any indoors work. It is one of the biggest competitors when it comes to quiet air compressors. It also has rubber feet and air compressor is rubber mounted to the frame as well, which also helps a lot for the quiet operation of the Rolair JC10.
  6. User friendly – the Rolair JC10 is equipped with high quality, easy to read gauges and large pressure regulator with easy grip. There is also a switch relieve valve – when the air compressor comes to pressure the unloading valve drops the head pressure to zero in order to start the air compressor unloaded
  7. Low Amperage draw – the Rolair JC10 draws only 8 Amps, which is important when you have other tools connected to the same circuit. You do not have to worry about breakers tripping.


Pros for Rolair JC10 Air Compressor

  • Fair tank size and output – as we have already established, the Rolair JC10 is not an industrial air compressor, but the tank size in combination with the 2.5 CFM delivered at 90 PSI makes it great for inflating tires, any light automotive jobs. It will also keep up with any home DIY tasks and even light professional ones. In any case, as we always advice it will be better to understand well the requirements of your air tools and then match them with the possibilities of your air compressor for greater performance.
  • Strong Build – although the Rolair JC10 is not made in USA, it has strong build and all the components are of a great quality. The gauges give precise readings and the whole unit is protected by a roll cage
  • Portable – Although it looks heavy, the Rolair JC10 is lightweight and very compact. It has a handle with rubber cover for easy carrying around and it is easy to store as it doesn’t take a lot of space.
  • Quiet – This is one of the biggest pros about the Rolair JC10. It is not noiseless, but it is an ultra quiet air compressor, perfect for indoors use or for homeowners in residential areas where noise is an issue.
  • Low maintenance
  • Low amperage draw
  • Rubber feet for better balance and less vibration
  • Center mounted handle for easy carrying around
  • Excellent customer service


Cons for Rolair JC10 Air Compressor


  • Location of the gauges – quite a few customers complained about the way the gauges are positioned, as they are not facing upwards and one needs to bend in order to see them better
  • Made in China – this can not be a big downfall, as although it is made in China the Rolair JC10 proves to have high quality components and the built of the whole unit is quite strong. The quality check is made in USA.
  • Poor packaging
  • Short user’s manual
  • A bit pricier than same size models by other brands in the industry


The Rolair JC10 is a great choice when you expect light to medium duty use. The air compressor will deliver great performance when used with tools which do not require continuous air flow, like nailers and staplers. It is a bit more expensive than other similar models, but the Rolair brand is one of the top in the industry and delivers products with very high quality which will make your investment worthwhile.

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