By Thomas Haugen / December 20, 2016

The PORTER-CABLE CMB15 150 PSI 1.5 Gallon Oil-Free Fully Shrouded Compressor is a portable air compressor that is versatile and powerful. It is a great solution for those looking for a small and compact air compressor to be used around the house and especially to save you trips to the gas station to inflate tires.

Technical specifications of the PORTER-CABLE CMB15 Air Compressor

  • Model – PORTER-CABLE CMB15
  • Origin – Taiwan
  • Maximum Pressure – 150 PSI
  • Running Horsepower – 0.8 HP
  • Tank Size – 1.5 Gallon
  • Pump – Oil-free pump
  • Output at 40 PSI – 3.0 SCFM
  • Output at 90 PSI – 2.0 SCFM
  • Cut-in Pressure – 120 PSI
  • Voltage – 120 V
  • Power Source – Electric
  • Amperage – 10 Amps
  • Noise level – 79dBA
  • Product Weight – 20 lbs
  • Dimension – 15.5 x 13.2 x 20.5 inches

Main features of the PORTER-CABLE CMB15 Air Compressor

  1. Portability – This is one of the biggest positives about the PORTER-CABLE CMB15.Porter Cable CMB15 parts It weighs only 20 lbs and the fact that is fully shrouded makes it perfect to be moved around with ease or stored in the trunk of a car. Although it is small in size, it is very stable and comes with rubber feet, which help stability and also noise level.                                      
  2. Low maintenance – Being equipped with an oil-free pump, you do not have to think of any maintenance, apart from the usual draining of the tank after use as the moisture building up inside the tank might damage it. The PORTER-CABLE CMB15 has an easy to use drain valve, so you can keep your tank moist-free.
  3. 1.5 gallon tank/ 150 maximum PSI – This is not a big tank, but the cool thing about it that it is fully shrouded. The tank capacity and the 2.0 SCFM rating delivered at 90 PSI make the PORTER-CABLE CMB15 perfect for inflating big tires and even too powerful for smaller ones. However, the only air tools this air compressor will be able to sustain are ones that require short bursts of air like brad nailer for instance.
  4. Fast recovery time – the cut-in pressure is at 120 PSI and it takes just a minute for the air compressor to get to its maximum pressure.
  5. Pressure Regulator – In relation to the fast recovery time, it is good to know that the PORTER-CABLE CMB15 comes with a pressure regulator – a big positive when you want to set the pressure you want to work with.
  6. Low Amp Draw – The PORTER-CABLE CMB15 can be plugged into any standard 120V outlet and with an amperage draw of 10 Amps it will not cause the breakers to trip. The PORTER-CABLE CMB15 can also be used with an extension cord and allows easy start even in cold weather.
  7. Noise level – The PORTER-CABLE CMB15 is not the quietest air compressor that you can find on the market, but is definitely a competitor when it comes to noise level. It operates at 79 dBA, which allows the unit to be used indoors or in residential areas, without worries that the neighbours might be disturbed.
  8. Add-onsThe CMB15 includes Kit, which consists of 25 ft nylon coil hose, 2 tapered nozzles, inflation needle, 1/4″ tire chuck, hose adapter, 2 pc high flow inflator/deflator kit and teflon tape.

The PROS of the PORTER-CABLE Air Compressor

  • Very lightweight and with great portability
  • Fully shrouded for greater protection, longer lifespan and easy transportation.
  • Low maintenance – oil-free pump
  • Fast recovery time
  • Quiet air compressor
  • Comes with add-ons
  • Great quality at a very competitive price


  • Made in Taiwan – for some customers this might be a drawback, although the PORTER-CABLE CMB15 proves to be of a great quality.
  • The user’s manual is a bit confusing
  • The parts of the Kit included seem to be of a poor quality



 The PORTER-CABLE CMB15 150 PSI 1.5 Gallon Oil-Free Fully Shrouded is a great investment when you need a small, portable air compressor for some small jobs around the house. It is very versatile and at the same time quiet when operating. There is almost nothing to fault the PORTER-CABLE CMB15 for and the customer’s feedback is outstanding.

The fact that the air compressor is fully shrouded guaranties longer lifespan and the add-ons that it comes with make your investment even more worthwhile. The price is very competitive and the quality of the model is of high standards.

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