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Air Compressors for Home use

Nowadays not only professionals are using air compressors, but there is a growing demand for units designed for home use. Whether it is just simple inflating of bike and car tires or you have some light DIY tasks around the house, you will find yourself in need of a small and efficient air compressors for home use.

Selection of compressors for home use

Almost every large air compressors brand has developed models aimed particularly for home use and here we offer you some tips on how to choose the best air compressor for home use.

  • Having in mind that most likely you will be using your unit indoors, we recommend to look at electric-powered air compressors instead of a gas-powered ones. The gas-powered air compressors produce fumes which can be dangerous and toxic when the unit is used indoors. That is why they can be completely discarded when looking for an air compressor for home use. On the other hand, an electric-powered air compressor is safe to be used in any enclosed spaces and it only needs to be plugged to a standard home outlet.

  • Another thing to look for is the noise level the air compressor produces. You certainly don’t want to disturb anybody in the house or even your neighbours while you are using your unit. Usually the electric-powered air compressors produce less noise, which makes them ideal for home use. If quiet operation is your priority when you are looking for an air compressor for home use, please have a look at our silent air compressors reviews.

  • Next thing to have in mind when trying to find the best air compressor for home use is its portability. Everyone wants to be able to move the unit from the garage where tyres are pumped up to the kitchen in order to fix a cabinet for instance. In this case, you will be looking for a lightweight air compressor with a handle with a nice grip. There are also a bit heavier models, but equipped with wheels which makes them easier to move around. If you are planning to move your unit around the house and portability is crucial for your choice, then you might be interested to see our portable air compressors reviews

  • Another thing that you might want to have in mind is the amperage draw. This is probably not as important as the quiet operation or the portability of the unit, but as a safety measurement is good to be informed about it and prevent your breakers from tripping.

Our selection of the best air compressors for home use

ARB CKMTA12 '12V' On-Board Twin High Performance Air Compressor

ARB CKMTA12 '12V' On-Board Twin High Performance Air Compressor