California Air Tools CAT-6310 review

California-Air-Tools-CAT-6310 review

California Air Tools CAT-6310 is an oil-free, ultra quiet air compressor with a 1hp motor and 6.3 gallon steel tank. This is the answer for everyone who is looking for a small air compressor to be used at home or for light professional work. The 1hp motor proves to be quite powerful for tire pumping or any DIY projects around the home and robust enough to stand up to a handyman’s hard working day.


California Air Tools CAT-6310 Specifications:

  • Model – California Air Tools CAT-6310 Ultra Quiet and Oil-Free 1.0 Hp 6.3-Gallon Steel Tank Air Compressor
  • Maximum Pressure – 120PSI
  • Horsepower – 1.0 hp
  • Motor capacity – 8 A Electric
  • Tank – 6.3 gallon, steel
  • Tank fill – 130 seconds
  • Sound Level – 60dB
  • Pump – oil free
  • Output at 40 PSI – 3.8 CFM
  • Output at 90 PSI – 2.35 CFM
  • Quick connector – 1 x1.4” Industrial Connector
  • Dimensions – 23.6 x 13.3 x 24 inches, 49 pounds
  • Voltage – 110 Volts

Here we offer the main features of California Air Tools CAT-6310:

  1. 6 Gallon Steel Tank – The California Air Tools CAT-6310  is not an industrial compressor, however sufficient enough for any home DIY work or light professional use. As per California Air Tools, the tank takes 130 seconds to go from empty to 120 PSI. In reality, it might take about 30 seconds longer, but still it comes to its full capacity quite fast due to the two piston pump.
  2. Low maintenance – The California Air Tools CAT-6310 is an oil-free air compressor with a 2 piston direct-drive pump. No maintenance should be required, apart from the usual emptying of the tank after use. The additional accessories that you might need are also fairly cheap.
  3. Fast recharge pump and strong performance – The dual piston pump operates with 1hp, which allows air to be replenished quickly. This means the air compressor can be used for some continuous flow tools and accessories. The fact that the pressure builds up quickly makes any light automotive jobs possible. It is also great for pumping tires, airbrushing and can be used with any tools requiring up to 3.8 CFM
  4. Semi-portable – It’s easy to move it around on its wheels, however it turns out to be a bit heavy if it is to be stored on a truck or a boat. It would be suitable to store it on a floor space and a good idea would be to place it over rubber mats in order to reduce vibrations, that would help the sound level.
  5. Ultra quiet air compressor –  The California Air Tools CAT-6310 proves to be ultra quiet, actually one of the leaders when it comes to quiet air compressors. It is not completely noiseless, it is just quiet enough to be able to work in closed spaces. It operates at 60 dB, that is less than the human speech at (65dB)

Here is a summary of all the PROS for California Air Tools CAT-6310:

  • The 6 gallon capacity of the tank turns the CAT 6310 in an excellent oil free air compressor for home and light professional use. Allows good airflow and pressure levels when demanded in bigger projects.
  • The dual piston pump operating with 1hp helps the quick refill of the tank and assures the continuous airflow needed for some tools used in light professional work.
  • Being oil-free also means that no maintenance is required, apart from emptying the tank after use in order to prolong the unit’s life. In this sense, the manufacturer guarantees pump durability of 3000 hours, which is way more than any other similar air compressor can offer.
  • What also makes the California Air Tools CAT-6310 so great is the fact that it’s portable. It is lightweight and its compact dimensions allow the air compressor to be stored almost anywhere.
  • Without a doubt the best thing about this model is that it is ultra quiet. This makes it suitable for home use, in compound spaces or for overnight work, without any worries about noise disturbance. Here is a video where a couple of other air compressors of the same grade are compared to our ultra quiet CAT 6310 in regards of the noise level
  • The price is quite fair for the quick and quiet performance, the quality and size of the tank.

Here are the CONS for California Air Tools CAT-6310:

  • Probably the most reported issue about the model are the wobbly wheels that are made of plastic and in a few cases end up in need to be replaced.
  • For the ones that expect the unit to come completely assembled out of the box, the bad news is that there are wheels, front end bumper and air filter need to be attached before operating the unit.
  • Also here is good to mention that the user manual is quite small and doesn’t provide a lot of information.
  • Reading the gauges, draining the tank and making any adjustments is fairly easy, but on the down side the regulator may take some time to stabilize.
  • There have been reports that sometimes there can be a bad odour around the Air compressor, but in most cases it turns out to be in result of excess sealers and lubricants used when the unit was assembled or due to poor maintenance (not draining the tank after use).


Is California Air Tools CAT-6310 worth the investment? Definitely YES!

California Air Tools CAT-6310 is one of the best air compressors on the market, outdoing a lot of the competitor’s same size air compressors. It is ideal purchase if you are looking for lightweight, quiet, portable air compressor. Apart from the wobbly wheels, this air compressor offers 1 hp dual pump, quick tank refill and will give hours of continuous and trouble free work. The retail price is really fair for the quality that this versatile air compressor offers.

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